“If your actions inspire other to dream more,
learn more, do more, you are a leader”
 John Quincy Adams ~

Students Helping Students

As Level Up LA began, we started small with our inaugural team partnering with one under-resourced school. However, our goal has always been to expand with multiple teams partnering with multiple organizations and schools to impact education across Los Angeles in the most meaningful way possible.
Each new team, understanding the detrimental effects of unequal educational opportunities, will embark on their unique mission. Each team will continue the hard work of their predecessors in the schools nearest and dearest to LULA while looking for new areas where they can be of the most service. They will set out to uncover what the school and teacher's needs are and then begin their journey to help the schools Level Up the educational experience for students.
Each Teen Team will be guided by a Parent Team who will assist them in building their skills in areas surrounding service work. They will have opportunities to learn leadership skills, web design, press and communication, fundraising, direct marketing, corporate sponsorship and creating and executing events. But critical to their mission, is for these teens to learn how to help their under-resourced school most effectively and efficiently.
To learn more about, or become part of, a Level Up LA Team - contact us using the form below. We'd love to hear from you!


We Find & Fund

We are in search of opportunities to help as many Los Angeles students as possible.  We approach with openness and fund as much as we can.

We Educate

Today’s youth need guidance in learning every stage of service work.  Here’s where we differ significantly from other non-profits.  LULA students learn how to provide service from every aspect of a non-profit.

We Provide Support

We are a systemic support system.  LULA provides support to our school’s community, parents, faculty, staff, AND students.  It takes a village, and we wholeheartedly embrace this model. 

We Consult

LULA works under a Trust Based Philanthropic model.  We consult with the teachers and administration to let them guide us fully in helping students and families of their schools.  

We Build Relationships

Our LULA students work directly with the elementary students at our schools.  They teach art, science, athletics and much more.  They celebrate holidays with the students and eat lunches with the teachers.  Relationships are the foundation of being effective and efficient as a non-profit. 

We Strengthen

Los Angeles needs ALL our youth to be strong for the future.  LULA is dedicated to this mission, tirelessly. 

Message us

If you want to learn more about LevelUP LA and how to become a team member or a partnered school, please message us.