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​​ 2020 has been an unprecedented time for all of us. As high school students, we have had more time than ever to reflect and see places where we might be able to create some positive change. What has become abundantly clear is the discrepancy between the schools in higher income areas as compared to schools in lower income areas. Under-resourced schools need help to bring a more equitable education to their students. Based on this need, we have started Level Up LA.
Through research and many, many conversations, we are grateful to have the opportunity to partner with our first school to help bring about change for their students. Teachers and staff have the incredibly burdensome job of creating the best educational experience for their kids. Sometimes they could use a little extra from an outside source. Level Up LA is happy to help!
If your school would like the opportunity to work with Level Up LA, please fill out the form below and someone from our team will contact you! Or if you know of an under-resourced school that you think would be a good fit for Level Up LA, please fill out the form below as well.

Partnering with Schools

Coliseum Street Elementary

In 2023, LULA teens began to curate programs for Coliseum students which bring unique learning opportunities for them to experience in addition to the great education they are receiving from their teachers. Kylie Jones and Kate Whitely started off the year with a Sports Clinic that they offered to students after school. Jake Smith and Xander Garrett brought an Art Academy to Coliseum in the mornings and Kiera Wood and Channing Pauley have started a Science Lab that takes place after school. Each program lasts from six to eight weeks and allows students to dive deeper in to areas that they love and enjoy!

Maple Primary Center

Our new partnership between Level Up LA and Maple Primary School has been going great. Maple is located in South Central Los Angeles with almost 200 Pre-K thru 1st Grade students. They are also a dual language school which means some of their students enjoy instruction in English in the morning and Spanish in the afternoon or vice versa. Their mission follows closely with the Level Up mission, which is to provide students with the most enriching environment within which they can grow into our future leaders. We are grateful for their continued partnership with us and we are excited for the new year!

Black Student Achivement plan

During this academic year, Level UP LA has proudly supported the Black Student Achievement Plan within LAUSD.
The Black Student Achievement Plan (BSAP) was approved by the LAUSD Board of Education in February of the 2020-21 school year to address the longstanding disparities in educational outcomes between Black students and their non-Black peers. The perennial trend of black student underperformance paired with the current landscape of local and national advocacy for racial equity have served as the inspiration to act now. A significant tenet of BSAP fosters partnerships with community-based organizations with proven track records of success within the Black community.
Following our IMPACT roots, Level UP LA will continue to support BSAP in an ongoing partnership going forward.

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