2020 - 2021 Inaugural Team

How it all began...

We were the inaugural team of LEVEL UP LA. In our first year we formed a non-profit, partnered with our first school, fundraised for their specific needs, built our website and created new and unique ways to raise money within our local community. Team #1 is created the blue print for all future teams. We reached our original goal of raising $50K in the 2020-21 school year. Our team of 10 students grew to over 20 by the end of the year. We continued to grow, representing different high schools within the Los Angeles area. During our year, we worked within smaller subgroups to focus on various aspects of building Level UP LA. During our second school year we raised another $50K to continue to help supply classroom needs, campus beautification, field trips and support students going back to the classroom.

Zach Haas

Founder/ Co-President
Attending the University of Texas
Graduated 2022 from Palisades Charter HS

Hailey Hubbard

Attending Princeton University
Graduated 2022 Harvard-Westlake

Abi Houston

VP of Technology
Founder of Abi’s Animals
Attending Tulane University
Graduated 2022 from Palisades Charter HS

Maren Meier

VP of Social Media
Attending the Tulane University
Graduated 2022 from Palisades Charter HS

Oliver Garrett

Attending the University of Michigan
Graduated 2022 from Brentwood HS

Alex Denham

VP of Communications
Attending Colgate University
Graduated 2022 from Palisades Charter HS

Natalia Banks

VP of Events
Attending UCSB in 2023
Senior, Palisades 
Charter HS

Sammy Dohad

Attending the University of Illinois
Graduated 2022 from Loyola HS

Charlie Moore

FunDay Activities Director
Attending Vermont University 
Graduated 2022 from Palisades Charter HS

Owen Loncar

FunDay Activities Director
Attending the University of Santa Barbara
Graduated 2022 from Loyola High School

Parker Jones

Attending the Colgate University 

Graduated 2022 from Loyola High School

Maddie Neilson

VP of Sunday FunDay
President of Level UP LA Year 2
Attending the University of Wisconsin
Graduated 2023 from Palisades Charter HS

Ava Flutie

Attending the University of Oregon
Graduated 2022 from
Marymount University

Owen Larbalestie

VP of Local Corporate
Attending the Syracuse University 
Graduated 2022 from Palisades Charter HS

. Matt Henderson
. Keili Klein
. Caden McCreary
. Jackson Wuepper
. Goldie Massey